Rope Access Solutions

When cost of access is disproportionate to the scope of work, Northstar is the preferred specialist contractor.

Why choose us

NORTHSTAR Rope Access was established to meet the growing need for high-rise building maintenance and signage installations, utilizing sophisticated rope access techniques. Established in 2017, Northstar specializes in work at height, from anchor testing and inspections to billboard installations. Northstar consists of professionals highly skilled in the field of rope access and work at height, offering a wide range of services to our diverse client base.

Rope Access Offers


Building Glass Cleaning

Signage installations and maintenance

Our focus is to offer a more affordable service to the signage industry, eliminating the need for expensive cherry pickers and cranes. We only use experienced rope access technicians who understand the wide variety of materials and fixing methods utilized in the complex signage industry.


There are certain instances where areas become inaccessible even by means of rope access, and these include roof overhanging details, among other things. In instances where a window needs to be cleaned, access is impossible without anchor bolts on the same surface level as the windows, and this is where NORTHSTAR Rope Access comes in. We provide a solution by facilitating the use of ropes as an access method and we do this by installing anchor points and rigging positions where there previously were none. We also offer anchor point testing and certification as a stand-alone service if needed.
Rope Access Solution
Building Glass Cleaning

High Access Cleaning

Buildings accumulate dirt in the form of dust, car fumes and a range of other elements. In every instance, these elements detract from the shine and lustre of even new buildings. Windows are the most vulnerable to this exposure by virtue of their transparency. Rope access allows us access to even the most hard-to-reach areas of a building, paving the way for traditional window cleaning and pressure cleaning, which breathes life back into the walls of a building

Bird Proofing

Birds can be an unwelcome presence on commercial and industrial structures due to the noise, mess and damage they potentially cause. Rope Access allows us to get to those otherwise inaccessible areas with ease, allowing us to install more effective bird proofing solutions where necessary

Bird Proofing
Window Repairing

Joint Sealing

Joint sealants are designed to prevent air, water and an array of additional environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure, and joint sealing detail on building facades greatly enhances the overall look of a building. The popularity of these components has necessitated the need for their installation and maintenance. This is where Northstar comes in. We use tried and tested sealants from renowned manufacturers and suppliers. We also remove and replace old sealants that have become dilapidated due to exposure to the elements

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