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We create signs according to corporate requirements or develop specifications for your brand. This concept includes design consistency and the implementation of all structural elements clearly, and according to the set rules. Our signs help companies to maintain a strong brand presence in countries across the African continent. When opening or rebranding, our services are used by international corporations of all types and sizes: gas stations, restaurants, fashion stores, hotels, etc. We make many types of structures in a single set style while taking anything that might affect the prestige of the corporation into account

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Sound strategic planning lays the groundwork for any successful sign programme. Northstar is in the unique position of being able to offer an objective sign solution service. Focused purely on giving clients the highest quality signage in line with the brief and budget.


Because our company is neither a sign manufacturer nor a broker. We are fully independent of any one supplier. We only place business with manufacturers able to produce exactly what the project requires, and we appoint different companies on the basis of expertise or unique skills.
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We are staffed by a team of experienced designers, technical experts and consultants – all who work together and is committed to offering clients greater choice, improved control and better flexibility.


We Project Manage all aspects of signage projects by means of comprehensive Site Surveys, Reviews and Recommendations, Supplier Procurement, Technical development, Project Implementation, Cost Control, Local Authority approval, Installation, and maintenance.
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